Tips for Sitting at a Desk Properly

Sitting in an office all day can surprisingly be very hard on your back and neck if you do not sit properly. Over the years, this will make a big impact on your comfort at work and the quality of your posture. To avoid unnecessary pain or discomfort, you can do a few things to make sure that your spine is stacked properly and you will be comfortable. These things can range anywhere from buying a Herman Miller Aeron chair and setting it up properly to changing the way your feet sit on the ground. 

Good Posture Is Key

Most people could do a thing or two to improve their posture. Making these changes might be uncomfortable at first because it is not what your body is used to. Over time, they will become more comfortable, so push through it and give yourself some good habits. First, make sure that your spine is stacked up properly. Do not fight the natural curve of your back. Sitting up straight means that your head is straight above your hips. Your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle, and your feet should rest comfortably and flat on the floor. If you wear heels to work, check that your boss is okay with you taking your shoes off. Wearing heels while sitting can actually strain the muscles in your back over time. Your eyes should be level with the screen of the computer and your wrists will need a place to rest in front of the keyboard. 

Getting up and moving around will help as well. Take the time every hour or so to stretch out your neck by rolling your head from side to side and down to your chest. Stretch your arms and your back when you get up to walk around your desk. This will help keep your muscles from getting too stiff when they sit in one position for a long time. As you give your body the support and rest it needs, you will notice a big difference in how you feel at work. 

Products Can Greatly Help

Without paying attention to how you are sitting, you will fall back into your old habits. Because you cannot focus on how you are sitting all day long, it helps to get something that will automatically push your body into good posture. There are many options for this. You may get a Herman Miller Aeron chair or another chair that is specifically made for helping those with back problems. There are also small pads that you can buy to sit on or put behind your back to help with good posture. If sitting up high enough to do your work requires that your feet are off the floor, buying a pedestal for your feet helps give you the support you need. Over time, you may not need the help and will still have good posture even without a special chair or pad.