The Best Web Hosting Service, and How to Find It

Web Hosting Service2So, you’ve decided to build a website, eh? How does it feel, knowing that you will soon be an itinerant on the great seas of the World Wide Web—arguably the greatest ideological marketplace since the invention of the printing press or telegraph? The whole world connected at the speed of light, inhibited only by the cosmic speed limit…and Internet providers’ sometimes inability to do what you pay them to do.

It is a great time to be alive, especially if you are enthralled by anything digital, in the time of the Internet. HTML is a relatively easy language to learn, and JavaScript and other more advanced languages can follow naturally, but one does not even really need to know any kind of language to build a successful website. With users’ ability to essentially change only aesthetic preferences on blogs, and with a little bit of creative ingenuity, you can build and run a website on almost no programming language at all. This article, though, is focused on explaining the basic ways to find the best web hosting service for your new site.

What Is Hosting?

Well, it is essentially the way that your website gets from your computer to the computers of everyone online who types in or stumbles across your domain name. The Internet is not a “series of tubes,” as a government official once described it, but a network of networks, a huge connection of computers sharing data with each other that spans the whole globe. For your website to be visible to someone online, it needs a physical home: a server, as a matter of fact. Companies rent out their servers, which are connected to the Internet as hubs for anyone who wants a website but not to build their own hosting server.

Types of Hosting

If you decide to not build your own server, which is certainly recommended for website novices, then you have about three different hosting choices: shared, dedicated, or virtual private servers (VPS). Shared is when you are given a slice, or “partition,” of a very large server, on which many other websites are also hosted. This means that you get hosting for cheaper, but you are constantly battling other websites for server resources and that means latency can become viral across dozens or hundreds of websites, all due to a surge of page requests on one. Dedicated and VPS hosting, however, give you additional security and protection from latency issues, as well as customization options, but they also will run you a pretty penny. When searching for the best web hosting service, it ultimately comes down to what you think the needs of your site are and what your wallet can afford.